Personalised - Professional - Passionate

With a clientele based on Agency endorsements & corporate referrals, Executive VIP representatives are distinguished by providing a highly personalised, highly professional & Impassioned corporate travel service. Executive VIP is a Authorised Hire Car Booking Service Provider Helicopter Pilot Contractor & Aviation Consultant. 

Piloting Prestige Vehicles & Corporate Aircraft, is Our Passion

Highly Professional

Feel confident about your safety, security, and privacy. Executive VIP's Pilots & Chauffeurs have extensive experience in the Aviation & Hire Car industry's, piloting various aircraft & limousines. Executive VIP is committed to a high level of professionalism through the building of long term business relationships with our clients.

Highly Personalised

Your convenience & experience is our priority. Our proficient Chauffeurs & Pilots are complimented by our clients for providing a trustworthy, welcoming & gratifying transport service. Our company leaders believe in the pursuit & delivery of excellence. Executive VIP accepts corporate travel payments made via international Cabcharge. Upon request, we can arrange professional bodyguards and language translators to be of service to you.  

You're Loyal Travelling Partners and Leaders - Vehicle & Aircraft Management Services 

Executive VIP appreciates and values the expectation of trust instilled in a partnership, with private vehicle collectors & corporate aircraft owners. Executive VIP provides management of privately owned prestige vehicles & corporate aircraft including; piloting, hangarage, detailing & maintenance (management) services. Have peace of mind your asset is being meticulously secured professionally and efficiently by experienced leaders. Enquire