Private Air Travel

Private air travel offers unmatched comfort, privacy and convenience with the benefits of no security screenings, no crowded commercial flights, no lost luggage, greater flexible destinations and fewer flight delays. Travel from point A to point B aboard chartered (or privately owned) aircraft and have what it takes to get to important business locations far from major airports at short notice, with little interrupt to business scheduals.

Fly the skies to meet up with business associates, partners, or clients using the least time it takes to get to wherever they might be. Executive VIP can arrange the following aircraft available through affiliated Company's:

  • Single, Twin, and Turbo-Prop Aircraft (Seating 3-10 Passengers)
  • Single and Twin Helicopters (Seating 4-7 Passengers)

Piloting Services

Personal travel using your privately owned aircraft? Executive VIP provides Aircraft Management & Piloting Services, Enquire.

Executive VIP offers a variety of Piloting services, with highly competent & professional Commercial & Airline Pilots: 

  • Commercial Pilots - Helicopter (CPLH) with 15+ years experience
  • Airline Transport Pilots - Helicopter (ATPLH) with 30+ years experience
  • Instrument Flight ratings (IFR), Night Flight Ratings (NVFR) & Flight Instructors
  • Single & Multi Engine Helicopter Experience in Corporate & Charter Services
  • Various aircraft experience: Airbus, Bell, McDonald Douglas, Agusta Westland
  • Experienced Pilots operating throughout Australia & Internationally