Private & Commercial Pilot License - Theory Tuition Services

Executive VIP, trading as Newcastle Flight Theory is a personalized, innovative & passionate, Helicopter flight theory tuition service for Private & Commercial Helicopter Students. 

Our reputation as a personalised service is built on the achievements and passion of our Facilitators and their inspiring outlook to learning. “It is much more exciting if you can embrace the concept of learning, put away the text books and white boards, and take a leap of faith to listen and learn from those around you who have witnessed the real culture, lived and breathed the beauty of the country and incorporate journeys, imagery and stories to set the scene!”

Academic Programs

Our focus is shaping how people teach, learn, and lead in the aviation community. We are driven, not just for an exam pass result, but innovative ways to facilitate learning, thus improving the product of today’s pilots in solving the most critical challenges in; sound decision making, informed professional pilots and safe piloting abilities. At Newcastle Flight Theory, we believe in studying much more than the standard course requirement - you will learn how to resolve, assert, collaborate, motivate & appreciate.  Newcastle Flight Theory, offers a range of theory tuition services for Private or Commercial helicopter theory. We can offer personal one-on-one or group bookings for:

  • Casual ‘when needed’ theory assistance’;
  • Evening scheduled classes 5:00pm ~ 8:00pm;
  • Full day study classes;
  • Half day study classes;
  • Weekdays;
  • Weekends;
  • Our facility or your personal residence;
  • Commencing at any time of the year;
  • Tuition which subjects you only require assistance with; and
  • Structured theory syllabus integrated parallel to your flight training.


Our presenters are Pilots, and Flight Instructors. The major advantage of this is that every instructor is aware of each student’s overall progress and special requirements throughout the course, from theory to flight line. This assures students of the best possible continuity in training. Below is an overview of our Instructors backgrounds:

  • Flight & Theory Instructing
  • Marine Pilot Transfer operations
  • Aerial Survey
  • Low Level Operations

  • Corporate Services
  • Aircraft Maintenance/test flying
  • Filming & photography
  • General Charter


Newcastle Flight Theory facility is based at High Street Maitland NSW. Facility comprises of a modern building complex containing classrooms, computer room, lounge, private study area, toilets, kitchen and administration. The building is fully air conditioned providing tea/coffee as complimentary to all students, within a short distance from parking and various cafes & restaurants

Pilot License Overview

Commercial Theory

To obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence you have to pass the seven CASA theory examinations before being eligible to sit the Commercial Flight Test.

Private Theory

Requires only one CASA approved exam. Topics covered in this exam are the same as in the commercial; however these are combined in just one sitting.

Theory Course Structure

A structured theory syllabus integrated parallel to your flight training, assist students maintain a theory & flight training balance towards successful & timely pilot license obtainment. CASA exams are conducted at appropriate times during the course, this allows students to grasp the flight training as they understand & successfully pass each subject consecutively:

  • Human Factors & Limitations
  • Aircraft General Knowledge 
  • Aerodynamics 
  • Performance, Operations and Planning 
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation 
  • Air Law & Flight Rules

Regardless of how you decide to do your study, our theory instructors are available to assist you with any questions that you may have at any time